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Vocational Rehabilitation

Since the ultimate aim of rehabilitation of persons with intellectual disabilities is to make them for meaningful contributory and participatory adult role in the society. In the present situation the economic empowerment plays vital role to make the person meaningful for which vocational components are highly essential for bringing out their inner hidden skills. Providing vocational training to the suitable respective grade will help to improve their living conditions, socio-economic conditions etc. It would also ensure social acceptance, dignity and sense of belongingness addressing with the process of appropriate Guidance, Counseling & Training.

At present centers are implementing vocational training for 92 adults with intellectual disabilities. Implementing trades are making Phenol, spiral book binding, paper plates, Diyas, kerchief designing, covers , gardening work and cotton wicks etc. Organization is also planning to get job placement for at least few vocational students in surrounding areas of Kakinada. So that they can help their parents and make independent living.


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