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The Persons with different abilities should have equal Rights, Respect and Dignity to lead a better quality of life.


To provide need based Comprehensive Rehabilitation through multi-disciplinary approach and also to create barrier-free environment and ensure empowerment to the persons with different abilities and their families.

Aims & Objectives

  • To render services for welfare of people below the poverty line, who are residing in the rural & urban areas.
  • To run special schools, homes and sub-centres for the education, welfare & rehabilitation of disabled.
  • To take up activities for the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities & people Below Poverty Line and assist them for formation of groups/societies etc.
  • To conduct special camps in rural & urban areas i.e. early Identification & intervention measures of various issues related to community development, welfare & rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities, who are below the poverty line.
  • To start old age homes for the aged, deserted and destitute persons.
  • To protect the rights of the disabled persons and others who are below the poverty line.
  • To encourage intellectual, social, economic & cultural development among the people including the disabled of all ages.
  • To render services to the men, women & children in need and distress irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion and race.
  • To do all acts those are necessary to carry out & alleviate the mental and physical agonies experienced by Disabled & others.
  • To run the workshops for fabrication and fittings of aids & appliances. Obtain Hearing Aids and other assistive devices/ appliances form the reputed donors for free distribution.
  • To take up a Sexual-Health programme for awareness creation & target intervention for HIV/AIDS.
  • To run a girls hostel for the high school & college going girls.
  • To run Crèche Centres in the rural areas.
  • To provide vocational training to the school dropouts and unemployed youth.
  • To start Income generating programmes to the disabled and their families and help in formation of the self- help groups etc.,
  • To participate actively in government programmes like pulse polio Immunization, Anti Filarial etc.
  • To implement Community Based Rehabilitation Programmes for Disabled.
  • To achieve and fulfil the above objectives and secure the finances from Government and Donor Agencies and take all necessary steps which the society thinks necessary.


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