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Integration into the Mainstream of Education

Integration into the mainstream for the child with special needs means the chance to interact with peers from mainstream environments. Such play is a way of developing proper socialization skills for any child, and is indispensable. The role modelling helps to nurture social skills.

Every person is born with a purpose and the ability to give to society in one way or another. It is inevitable that some may have more needs than others. Integrating children with special needs into mainstream schools, unarguably, promotes a more inclusive society. That said, this integration brings with it situations that need addressing. Administrators should consider them when including these children in a mainstream classroom.

One of the Teaching assignments was in a school for children with hearing challenges. Some of them had traces of autism. Integrating children with special needs is not without challenges. Yet, such inclusion is very important for developing an empathetic, well-rounded society. It is vital to nurture children with special needs, for they are society's future contributing members.

In center mild and moderate children will be trained and involved in academic development. Special educators will train and focus them in academic area for certain period of time after getting clarity towards the child education development then special educators along with management will take decision weather child should be mainstream in regular school along with normal children. Since 2019 we are involving children above 15years in writing open tenth examination. In this year 30 children were attended wrote the exam along with normal children and passed the examination


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