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Recreational Development Activities

Some games also allow group participation of people with different disabilities, encouraging inclusiveness. "Wii Therapy" should be practiced in socio-health center or similar, and always under the supervision of physiotherapists to make the most out of it.

Therapeutic gardens and allotments are used as an activity for people with physical and intellectual disabilities, for both therapeutic and recreational purposes. The benefits of creating or actively participating in the care and conservation of a garden or allotment are related to the emotional bond that each person establishes with the plants and the natural environment. Therefore, "therapeutic gardening" brings with it a series of physical, emotional and cognitive benefits that can relieve tension and reduce stress.

The physiological benefits of recreation participation were derived from studies where people engage in physical activity of some kind (e.g., sports & games, cultural activities  walking,  etc. Specific results from involvement in a mental  recreation activity are an increased lung capacity, reduced resting heart rates and lower blood pressure levels. Other benefits consist of decreased body fat mass, increased lean body mass, increased muscle strength, and improved structure and function of connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, cartilage) and joints.


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