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Counseling and Guidance

People with special educational needs find it very difficult to comply with the demands and expectations of society, possibly because of their perceived lack of performance or potential. They are often treated with little or no interest and sometimes sympathy, with nervousness, fear, embarrassment and/or even disgust. Counselling need people with special needs as well as the challenges facing them in the society and schools. 

Counsellors are trained to understand the complexity faced by the persons with disability. They can help you get past barriers. They help you connect fully in social and relationship goals. Counselling & Guidance can provide you with more understanding of yourself and your needs.

 The educational challenges facing this category of people are quite obvious and they need new strategies in resolving through counselling. Counselling is viewed as a personalized, intimate interview or dialogue between a person experiencing some emotional, social, educational, physical, and vocational problems and a professional counsellor.

Counselling and guidance will be followed to the parents of the people with special need children who are facing challenges towards the children and society. For those parents who come to center with some issues towards the child and the family, MSW Social worker of the team will interact with the parent and take brief information through family about the child and family issues. After taking brief information counselling and guidance will be given to the parents in accepting the issue. For counselling and guidance interdisciplinary team like social worker, psychologist, special educator and other team members will join together for judging best counselling and guidance. 


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