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Support Children with Special Needs Campaign, in Collaboration with Big Basket    

About Campaign  , In Partnership with Uma Educational and Tecnical Society and Big Basket 

Differently abled persons often face significant challenges in accessing the resources and support they need to lead fulfilling lives.

Currently our mid-day meal scheme provides additional support and assistance to ensure that their specific needs are met. The scheme recognizes that children with special needs have unique dietary requirements and provides for these needs through specialized meal plans and nutritional supplements.

The scheme also provides for the training of school cooks and staff in the preparation and serving of specialized meals for special needs children. This helps to ensure that the meals are prepared and served safely and that they meet the specific dietary requirements of each child.

In addition, the mid-day meal scheme also supports the integration of special needs children into mainstream schools by providing a supportive and inclusive environment. This includes the provision of assistive devices and equipment, as well as the training of teachers and staff in working with children with special needs.

Overall, the mid-day meal scheme is an important initiative that helps to ensure that all children, including those with special needs, have access to nutritious meals and are able to attend school regularly.

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