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Awareness Generation

The target groups that UETS works with are the PwDs and most marginalized communities in our society. These people have faced nothing but great misery in their lives and they feel trapped in a state of despair. Poverty has passed on for many generations and their hope for change and a better future for their children, was not in their vicinity. They have resigned with their fate of poverty and developed a negative attitude not only towards their future, but also towards society in general.

In order to combat this negativity, UETS first critical 

task is to transform the mind set of these people and build confidence in the minds of PwDs that a change is possible  to join main stream of society We sensitize underprivileged communities by helping its leaders believe that they can improve the lives of their community, create positive thinking in their minds to make significant changes in their lives.

UETS create awareness generation programs in different related activities like causes and prevention, different acts, types of disabilities, schemes and entitlements, human resources to the community people, government officials, health departments, education departments and others to aware about the disability and required necessary of them. These programs will be organized in various systems like through role play model, projector presentation, celebrating some important event related to disability and posters & pamphlets display etc.  


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