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Augmentative Interventions

Augmentative and alternative communication is a type of communication that combines gestures, eye pointing, vocalizations and pointing to symbols as communication for people with limited speech abilities (Autism). Augmentative and alternative communication is a bundle of strategies to address the needs of individuals with disabilities who struggle with speech-language production, comprehension in spoken and written modes. AAC strategies include many forms of communication that can be used to express needs, ideas and thoughts.

At main centre along with sub centres Augmentative and alternative communication therapy will be given to the children with intellectual disability and for Autism who are struggling with speech spoken and written modes. Speech therapist will assess the individual children through functional assessment checklist of speech and communication, result will be taken through this assessment and according to the ability of the child towards speech and communication, curriculum will be planned according to the child’s need. Further speech communication development will be followed by using speech resources room along with different equipment including group therapy interactions.


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